Problem Solving – Afterthought

The various schemes can only provide a structure – they won’t actually solve any problems (other than the all too common one of not having any structure to the process)!  Taking a staged approach ensures actions are completed in a logical order, giving the best opportunity to give proper consideration to the matter in hand.  You probably take such an approach every day, albeit subconsciously, with common tasks.

And not every problem needs a deluxe solution, nor a full project team to resolve it.  Having identified something that needs fixing it’s a good idea to decide if there’s an easy solution (what I’ve termed a QDF – a quick and dirty fix).  It’s important not to underestimate the seriousness of the situation, however, nor jump to the quickest or easiest answer, so following this option needs experience and thought.

It might be seen as jumping straight to D3 (in the section on 8D) though, hopefully, putting in a more permanent solution.  However, a QDF approach doesn’t mean ignoring all the other steps discussed; rather it means going through them with less formality and, quite often, as a solo effort.

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