Early in my “QA” career, auditing played a minor role – some internal audits and some supplier audits (and the inevitable customer audits).  In the past 15 years, or so, auditing has taken up more and more of my time.  In all that time, however, I’ve never conducted a certification audit.  There have been audits to verify compliance and audits to assess capability.  There have also been audits where the main purpose was to identify areas for improvement – and this has been the most satisfying.  In fact, nowadays I treat all audits as having improvement as the prime purpose.

I’ve written a number of posts here about auditing and I’ve tried to group them together under this page.  Feel free to disagree with anything I say; I don’t always follow the party line on this; but please give some thought to it.  Life would be boring if we all agreed with each other!

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