Many people are familiar with SWOT analyses, whether for a business or a person (the latter being a component of some professional CPD schemes), but fewer are familiar with PEST. Continue reading


Guidance Standards?

We seem to be entering phase of a proliferation of guidance standards, especially within the quality assurance business.  The ISO9000 family, published by ISO, BSI, etc, is growing but few of the documents claim to be a true standard – establishing a baseline for compliance assessment.  We have guidance on terminology, guidance on competence, guidance on what should be considered for a management system, and so on… Continue reading

Audit Types

Some people might define first, second and third party as three types of audit but, as I’ve said in a previous post, I prefer to look on these as the three relationships that exist.

However, there are still three types but I’d define them as:

  • Compliance,
  • Appraisal, and
  • Investigative

Most audits fall across two of these types but I find it useful to look at each having a primary type that defines the auditor’s approach (or should define it). Continue reading