It’s Not the Holy Grail

The quality world is entranced by ISO9001 and certification, almost essential in western business, and it employs many in compliance auditing.  Even first and second party audits focus on compliance.  Inspection is frequently reduced to pass or fail judgements.  But is that the only way to think, or even the best way? Continue reading



An invented word that I hope won’t catch on but it’s got your attention and you’re reading this! What does “monuments” mean? To me, it’s documents that add nothing except more recycling potential. Let me explain. Continue reading


ServQual was/is a system model developed in the 80’s to look at how the quality of services (or lack of quality) could be better understood.  Unlike products that can be inspected, services are frequently produced at the point of consumption (literally for restaurants) and opportunities for inspection before the customer is served are limited.  However, much of it can also be applied to products as well. Continue reading

Guidance Standards?

We seem to be entering phase of a proliferation of guidance standards, especially within the quality assurance business.  The ISO9000 family, published by ISO, BSI, etc, is growing but few of the documents claim to be a true standard – establishing a baseline for compliance assessment.  We have guidance on terminology, guidance on competence, guidance on what should be considered for a management system, and so on… Continue reading