The word team appears a lot in my writing and, I believe, with good reason.  Most of us work in a team, whether or not that’s what it’s called – and that also applies in our non-work life, too.  Charles Handy likens teams to tribes in some of his books, bringing together theories of teams and theories of culture. Continue reading



There’s a whole discipline here – what follows is merely a starting point to follow up.  Actually, nothing here should be new to anyone who has studied management and, if it is new, and you do think of yourself as being in management, you probably need to start studying. Continue reading


All the events in the following two “case studies” are based on situations I’ve encountered in my career but, as individual stories they are entirely fictional and any similarities with real situations are entirely coincidental.  However, you might notice some similarities to organisations you know and it might get you thinking… Continue reading