As a fan of the late Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books, I recall one of the passing jokes in a televised story: one of the technical the wizards had developed a computer run by ants and the sign on the front (viewed briefly as the camera panned across a shot) read “Anthill Inside”.  At the time, a well-known brand of CPUs for personal computers had a similar sounding advertisement. Continue reading

A New Approach to Auditing

I’d like to return to an idea I wrote about several years ago – something I’ll call the 5AQ approach (five audit questions)!

Last time, I suggested this (which was originally proposed by David Hoyle) for internal audits, but I now believe it has a far wider application as it requires a process-oriented approach rather than one based on the formal documentation. Continue reading


All the events in the following two “case studies” are based on situations I’ve encountered in my career but, as individual stories they are entirely fictional and any similarities with real situations are entirely coincidental.  However, you might notice some similarities to organisations you know and it might get you thinking… Continue reading