Risky Steaks

Following on from my previous post on what I see as problems with many risk assessment…

Most businesses I audit use a two-factor risk assessment process, multiplying a severity rating of a consequence by the probability it will happen to reach a value of risk. Whilst many schemes assign numbers to the two factors it’s still a qualitative (or subjective) process – the numbers are no more than a ranking.

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Risky Sins

Apologies for encroaching into what might be seen as the HSE (health, safety and environment) discipline but I want to list some of the areas I frequently see needing consideration in task risk assessment procedures.  This is certainly not a primer on risk assessment and I’m only focusing on the commonly used qualitative two factor (Severity x Probability = Risk) approach.  These are personal views and I don’t claim they’re universally applicable; I expect everyone will be able to offer exceptions and these points are only suggestions for consideration: Continue reading