FMEA – What If?

FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) is one of those things most people do without actually realising it, albeit often in an informal and unstructured manner.  What could possibly go wrong? Continue reading



A few weeks ago I had Sunday lunch with my sister and parents. Not something so extraordinary to write but my sister and I realised the last time the four of us has sat down together for Sunday lunch (without others, such as husband, wife and children, being there as well) was almost 40 years ago. I’d come home from university for a weekend and she was still at school. After lunch we went for a walk together in a local park.

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Risky Sins

Apologies for encroaching into what might be seen as the HSE (health, safety and environment) discipline but I want to list some of the areas I frequently see needing consideration in task risk assessment procedures.  This is certainly not a primer on risk assessment and I’m only focusing on the commonly used qualitative two factor (Severity x Probability = Risk) approach.  These are personal views and I don’t claim they’re universally applicable; I expect everyone will be able to offer exceptions and these points are only suggestions for consideration: Continue reading