No-one Fits Quicker than an F1 Fitter!

I expect most UK readers will immediately recognise the advertising slogan I’m misquoting – and it’s not to criticise the original but to get more people thinking about something many of us watch taking place on TV, admire the teamwork but don’t then try to learn from it.  Continue reading

Putting Practice into Theory

Something over 15 years ago, I was asked to lecture on “quality” for an MBA course. I’d been working in “quality” for about 15 years and was the current IQA branch chairman – so professional credentials and plenty of experience for the task. Er, no! Before replying I made a mental inventory of what I could say. I could talk about what I’d been doing for the past 15 years; I could describe what I think had worked; I could describe what didn’t and talk about my mistakes. I had learned from the latter and could pass that onto others but, other than working through what would be a timeline and diary, and in a specific industry sector, would the students learn anything useful for their own careers. Something, certainly, but not as much as they should, so I declined the invitation to lecture. Continue reading